Now that winter is upon us (not officially but soon…the 21st to be exact) it’s a good time to look ahead.

Steelhead have been caught in the Wilson. The North Fork of the Nehalem and Necanicum are good December bets. The Willamette in Oregon City, above and below the mouth of the Clackamas produces in December.

There’s not much early steelheading to look forward to in SW Washington. There will be in January. The Sandy should see some fish later in the month but January and February are better.

Depending on the weather and river conditions December’s always been a sure thing for sturgeon down around Swan Island.

There’s trout fishing everywhere. You don’t have to look hard or far to find solid trout fishing opportunities, you just need to have the will.

Same for hunting. If you have the will it’s there. Waterfowlers are loving the wind and rain hoping the weather calls in flocks of geese and ducks. Grouse are a good target in December. There are some opportunities for bear and cougar too.

Wherever you go outdoors…bundle up. It can get dicey out there. Once hypothermia sets in you’re in trouble whether you know it or not. Anytime of year, but especially in the winter, don’t take chances in the backcountry and always leave prepared for the worst.

December’s a great time to look ahead. The Sportsmen’s Shows are in February and March, the Portland Boat Show is in January, the Tacoma RV Show is in January as well and there’s a ticket sale for Sportsmen’s Show tickets for all three shows December 16-19.

The dates of the shows are:
Portland Boat ShowJanuary 12-16, 2022
Tacoma RV ShowJanuary 20-23, 2022
Washington Sportsmen’s Show – February 2-6, 2022
Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s ShowFebruary 16-20, 2022
Central Oregon Sportsmen’s ShowMarch 10-13, 2022

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram as well as the Sportsmen’s Show website (www.TheSportShows.com) for our Sportsmen’s Weekend Ticket Sale. It’s a healthy discount for online tickets.

There are a lot of new features and events coming to this year’s Sportsmen’s Shows along with an all-new seminar series with new speakers and topics. There’s a reason these are the best shows in the country and a BIG reason is the Sportsmen’s Show are always working, year round, to make the shows better in every way, every year. There will be more information in this blog (January installment) but also on the website and through our social media channels on what’s new and different for the 2022 Sportsmen’s Show series.

  1. Showers Pass. This company has been producing top flight rain gear and outdoor wear for the cycling and hiking community. We just discovered it for fishing and hunting.  Their waterproof gloves and socks are exceptional. Their mittens we tried in Cold Bay, Alaska hunting Emperor Geese and they were the difference in staying toasty warm or freezing. They work great! showerspass.com
  2. Binoculars. Leupold has a variety to choose from. These are always great gifts for the outdoorsman or just sitting on your deck and wildlife watching. Leupold.com
  3. Gerber. From custom knives to small cleavers and all kinds of tools, fillet knives and skinning blades, Gerber has you covered.  Great company producing great gear. gerbergear.com
  4. Flashlight.  Great stocking stuffer and you’ll never miss with one of these.  Stop by one of our retailers, Englund Marine Supply, Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor, Bi-Mart, Coastal Farm & Ranch, Sportco or Outdoor Emporium for ideas.
  5. Gun safe. American Security, Fort Knox, Liberty and Tracker are all great brands that will make any gun owner happy.
  6. Pudding River. Looking for some really cool furniture with a serious outdoor feel?  Jim Barton, the talented woodworker and carver at Pudding River Wood Carving Studios, has some amazing furniture for you to consider. These are definitely NOT stocking stuffers but they ARE heirloom pieces. puddingriverstudio.com
  7. Guide trip. Create a lifetime memory with a guide trip on one of the many rivers or lakes around the Northwest.  You’ll find plenty of guides to reach out to at SSTradingPost.com.
  8. Boating safety gear. Whether it’s in the form of a stocking stuffer or a gift you can’t go wrong with new safety gear for your favorite boater. Air horn, inflatable vest(s), fire extinguisher or throw cushion are all necessary items to keep that boater in your life a little safer.
  9. Crab gear. Rings, traps, pots, crab gauge (measuring tool), bait bags and even those castable traps are all good gifts. Especially the traps you can cast…that makes for a fun break when you travel to the coast, don’t take the boat and just want to spend a couple hours throwing your trap out and catching a few crab.
  10. Ten essentials. You can find these online or put them together yourself but our friend Brett Stoffel has a small kit that will give you some of the 10 essentials you’ll need to get this started. outdoorsafe.com/shop/ols/products/outdoorsafe-survival-kit

There’s a lot to look forward. Hopefully, family, friends and some time outdoors is in your plans for December. And for sure, we’ll see you in January with more ideas and things to do. Best fishes!