Ashley Nichole Lewis

Old Town & NRS / Bad Ash Outdoors

Some know her as “Bad Ash”, but to us she’s one of the team.  Ashley exploded onto the scene about 10 years ago when word of her talents as a Quinault River Guide spread quickly beyond the Olympic Peninsula.  You don’t need many 20 pound steelhead to your credit to get the attention of NW salmon and steelhead anglers. Guiding on the Quinault you get a front row seat to trophy salmon and steelhead regularly.  Since then, Ashley’s been on the move fishing a variety of waters and fish species as one the country’s more prominent and visible female anglers but also as a fishing advocate.  She’s also one of us, working on the Sportsmen’s Show team and lending her chops to our outreach efforts.


This past decade’s been a whirlwind that’s taken Ashley from coast-to-coast and somewhere in those travels she discovered the magic of kayak fishing.  She’s become an ardent champion of kayaks and fishing from kayaks.  Crabbing, bottom fishing, trout fishing, sturgeon, salmon and the list goes on.


Ashley’s doing one session on how kayak fishing opens up a world of fishing we just don’t know about.  She’ll discuss how and where to fish.  For example, fishing the ocean can be a phenomenally productive experience if you know when and where to go.  From river and mountains to the sea, there’s so much to experience and explore and if you ask Ashley, it’s best done in a kayak.


Ashley’s only doing this one session and it’s going to be a good one so make a point of attending.