Bill Herzog

Outdoor Writer/Author

Effusive praise is easy when talking about Bill Herzog.  This man’s caught more steelhead over 20 pounds than any known human.  He’s the guy.  Heck, he’s caught steelhead over 30 pounds! And as good a steelhead fisherman as Bill is, really one of the best ever, his love of trout fishing is on the same plane.  Having Bill talk fishing at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show is a gift.  Better yet, he’s joined by Sportsmen’s Show friend and another NW fishing icon, Jarod Higginbotham of Yakima Bait Company.  Together the two of these fishing stalwarts are going to host, “Troutapalooza” on Saturday at noon!  They’ll be talking trout and how to catch them…mostly from the bank.  Kids, please, are welcome.  From how to fish Powerbait effectively, to twitching jigs and casting spinners these guys are going to cover it all and it’s going to be FUN!  If that’s one thing the two of them are all about is making fishing fun.  Don’t miss this one…it’s a very special opportunity unlike any other we’re offering at this year’s show.  Two of the very best, together, talking trout fishing…how-to and where-to.