Jason Brooks

Outdoor Writer/Photographer

Trout, far and away, are the most popular game in the northwest.  That’s right “game”.   In either fish or wildlife, no other species commands the popularity of trout.  Thankfully, in Washington State we have plenty of trout fishing opportunities.  Those opportunities can be found in lowlands and along the coast, in the Cascades, the high desert and in every corner of the state.  In fact, in Washington, there’s some remarkable prospects with fish to trophy proportions.  And with the geographic spectrum of places to explore go the subspecies like brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, tiger trout, lake trout and even golden trout.  Some of these aren’t true trout but who cares, they’re fun to catch and even better as table fare.


Outdoor writer and photographer Jason Brooks will be talking trout in his seminar.  Jason’s an expert and will talk all-things-trout in Washington. Places, species and fishing for them all year long.  As Jason will share, Washington’s a stronghold for trout and whether you’re brand new and want to get pointed in the right direction or you’ve got decades of experience, you’re sure to get plenty out of Jason’s seminar.


We’re fortunate to have Jason for one session and one session only at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  It’s your best opportunity to get inspired to get out and discover (or rediscover) the remarkable palette of trout fishing that’s available in Washington.