Randall Bonner


When we say that Randall wrote the book on bead fishing, we mean he wrote the book on bead fishing! “The Bead Fishing Bible” is the definitive work on the subject of bead fishing for salmon, trout and steelhead and you can hear all about it directly from the source! Randall Bonner is an accomplished angler, hunter and writer who breaks down the how-to and where-to of bead fishing that’s immensely popular just about everywhere you find salmon, steelhead and trout.  Whether you’re in upstate New York or a wild Alaskan river and all points in-between beads are an uber-effective technique.  We hope you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear one of the nation’s foremost authorities on this technique share what he knows. Attend his seminar today and you can use what you learn the next day on dozens of nearby rivers and streams.