Ed Chin

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Let’s face it…Rufus gets all the press when it comes to Columbia River walleye but those who know, find them near Portland — logging consistently good catches.  Professional guide and tournament pro, Ed Chin, is one of those that’s in the know.  He targets a range of local fisheries and walleye is one of them.


Join Ed for a fact-filled talk about Lower Willamette River walleye fishing.  Ed will be discussing what tackle and techniques to use to target these lower river fish, how to rig and set up your gear for success, and how to read the water and understand the effects of tides to help you catch these fish.


Growing up as a native to the Pacific Northwest, Ed’s fishing experience began in small ponds and rivers. Chin quickly grew his fishing pursuits to include catching walleye, sturgeon, salmon, and steelhead. Well known as a Columbia and Willamette River bass fishing expert, Ed’s fishing portfolio spans the United States.  Please welcome Ed Chin to this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.  We’re grateful he’s lending his expertise to a topic that gets very little attention but is available to local anglers year round.