Jarod Higginbotham

Yakima Bait Company

When Yakima Bait’s SpinFish hit the market a few years back they were an immediate hit.  Guides extolled their praise as the hottest new thing to hit the water since the Mag Lip as they peeled off the pegs and earned their way into NW fishing history.


Jarod Higginbotham is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Yakima Bait Company.  He has one of the best jobs on the planet and he’s not afraid to tell you.  He’s on the road constantly, all over the country, fishing, working at shows, stopping by tackle shops and spending time with media showing them what to fish and how to fish it.   Jarod’s the guy when it comes to SpinFish and he’s going to share his tips and techniques for fishing them.  He’s caught boatloads of salmon and plenty of trout and other species to be the known expert in how to fish SpinFish.  Saltwater and freshwater, from small rivers to the Great Lakes, Jarod’s fished these incredible lures everywhere and he’s doing one seminar at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  You want to catch more fish on SpinFish…then catch this seminar!