Jarod Higginbotham

Yakima Bait Company

It’s a rare and wonderful treat to have Jarod Higginbotham of Yakima Bait Company deliver one of his exceptional seminars.  But this year, he’s going to do two!  A few short years ago Jarod was widely acknowledged as a “rising star”.  Well today, he’s well past that.  Not only a great guy, but an exceptionally talented fisherman, lure innovator, fishing educator and national fishing advocate, Jarod’s one of the top talents in the United States.  Washington State is where he calls home so he’s looking forward to connecting with all his friends, old and new to share his perspectives on two subjects: “Anatomy of a Plug” and trout fishing.

His seminar on the “Anatomy of a Plug” does a deep dive into the how and what of plugs.  He’ll share how minor modifications create enormous benefits and really what goes into their development.  It’s that behind-the-scenes look that few get to see.  That seminar is on Saturday at 2PM.

In his trout seminar, “Troutapalooza” he teams up with legendary fisherman, Bill Herzog to talk trout.  Honestly, you’d be hard-pressed to find two better to take this on than these two.  It WILL be entertaining, fun and informational.  That seminar is slated for Sunday at noon.