Shane Magnuson

Northwest Bait and Scents

Having landed his first salmon when he was only 5, Shane’s no newcomer to catching salmon…lots of them! Now, with 19 years of guiding (Upper Columbia Guide Service) under his belt and a thriving scent business to boot, Shane’s not bashful about sharing his vast knowledge of how-to catch salmon and what to use. Shane’s prowess doesn’t stop at salmon — some guides are just “fishy” and Shane’s one of them.  He’s logged a litany of impressive catches including NW walleye and most recently a ginormous redfish in the Gulf.  Shane’s seminar will discuss the use of bait scents. He’ll touch on the difference between “salty” and “sweet” scents, a very new approach in catching salmon.  He’ll also breakdown in detail the different baits and where and when to use them.  This is another Washington Sportsmen’s Show seminar that we encourage you to get a seat early.  It’s the only seminar being offered on baits and scents for salmon. Shane’s presentation will definitely make a positive difference in your catch success —- he’s that guy that’s getting them when no one else is and he’s going to share why that happens.  Also, just like most of this year’s seminars, we only have Shane for this one day and one time slot.  Whether you target sockeye, Chinook or silvers, you’ll get what you need out of this seminar to catch more fish.