Robert Kratzer

Anglers Guide Service

There are guides and then there are GUIDES…Robert Kratzer has distinguished himself as one of the best in the business — anywhere.  He’s truly the guide’s guide and has earned a reputation of not only being a phenomenal fisherman, teacher and great guy to fish with but also as an innovator.  And no better place for a guide of his caliber than the storied waters of the Olympic Peninsula.  Robert is hosting two seminars, on two different subjects at this year’s Washington Sportsmen’s Show.   He’s well known for his ability to teach people how to catch fish using the technique called “twitching”.  In some circles he’s regarded as the very best.  This technique is deadly for salmon. That’s his Friday seminar.  On Thursday he’ll be talking bobber doggin’, also uber-effective for catching salmon and steelhead, and you couldn’t have a better guide sharing his knowledge on how to get it done. Each of these two seminars is only being offered once and we fully expect these seminars to be standing room only so get there early so you get a seat.  If you don’t find a seat, trust us, it’s well-worth standing for an hour to learn from Robert and start catching fish using these techniques the next day.