Del Stephens

Garmin Pro Team

Del has become synonymous with West Coast tuna and for good reason, he’s a central figure on the northwest tuna scene.  Del’s been venturing offshore, at times WAY offshore for decades in search of prized, hard-fighting albacore tuna, which he’s developed quite a reputation for catching.  His book, “The Dark Side, One Man’s Journey to the 125 Foot Line and Back”, is considered required reading for anyone getting serious about chasing Pacific albacore.  And his tuna exploits go well beyond the NW.  He’s fished them all over the world and caught most every specie of tuna available.  Del will be hosting the only seminar on tuna at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  It’s called “Albacore A to Z”.  He’ll be detailing where to find albacore and how to catch them.  Del’s seminars fill-up so get there early and be prepared to be informed.  His seminar’s slated for Thursday at 2PM.