David Paul Williams


The Columbia River is home to some of the best smallmouth fishing in the U.S.    We couldn’t be more pleased to have David join us again and share his vast knowledge of Columbia River smallmouth bass fishing.  He’s a well-known writer, speaker and fly fishing professional and you’ll enjoy his information-packed hour with this where-to, how-to presentation.  His seminar, “Columbia River Smallmouth: How-To and Where-To” is all you’ll need to get pointed in the right direction for these hard-fighting, plentiful fish with a fly rod.

First thing to understand about smallmouth bass—they are not trout. David Paul Williams, “the acknowledged northwest master of smallies of the fly,” teaches the essentials of how to catch smallmouth bass on the fly. He covers how to and where to catch these superb fighting fish in the Columbia Basin and the Columbia River.

David Paul Williams has written for American Angler, Fly Fisherman, Northwest Fly Fishing, Southwest Fly Fishing, American Fly Fishing, Eastern Fly Fishing, Fly Fusion, Bassmaster, Fly Fishing & Tying Journal and Game & Fish magazines and wrote the book on smallmouth bass, Flyfishing for Western Smallmouth. He writes the Good-Gear Guide at good-gear-guide.blogspot.com and is the former Editor-In-Chief of Flyfisher and Department Editor at Flyfishing & Tying Journal. He gives entertaining media presentations to clubs and organizations on carp, smallmouth bass, saltwater beach fishing, panfish and alpine trout. Also known for his simple, yet effective fly patterns, he has been fly fishing since he was ten years old.

David will also be at the show all-days tying flies and answering your questions on NW (and beyond) fly fishing pursuits.