Brad Hole

Kayak Fishing Washington / Sportco

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing category in fishing in the U.S.  The northwest is no different! These aren’t your parents’ kayaks, these are purpose-designed and purpose-built for fishing.  Stable, easy-to-pedal, with comfort touches and amenities like electric motors, fish finders and rod holders, today’s fishing kayak is a whole new breed of boat.


Brad Hole is one of the northwest’s leading kayak anglers with an impressive resume of accomplishments and companies he represents. Brad’s spent the last 14 years perfecting his techniques and tactics for catching a variety of fish from a kayak.  Brad’s seminar is going to focus on crappie. Abundant, easy-to-catch and tasty you can have a lot of fun catching and cooking these fish that are found everywhere in the northwest.  Brad’s been on a five-year quest to best the state record of 4.5 pounds.  His seminar will share the inside tips and tricks in finding and catching mammoth panfish.  And if you want some ideas for lakes to get started on…this is the seminar to attend.