Jen Luke

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

We have a very special opportunity for local trout anglers at this year’s Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show.  Jen Luke will be sharing her know-how on Eastern Oregon trout and where the best opportunities are in remote areas. Jen has been an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist for twenty-five years. Jen has spent most of her career in Central Oregon working with volunteers and staff to promote fishing and aquatic education in the area. Jen regularly hikes into the Cascade Range to sample high lake fisheries. Jen will be sharing places to explore, remote fishing opportunities, and best tips for hooking fish in these lakes.  We’re grateful to Jen and to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for making this possible.  If you’re interested in learning where to go for trout and what you’ll find when you get there make a point of attending this seminar.