Big Dave Manners

Big Dave’s Fishing Adventures

Known to most as “Big Dave”, he runs operations in Oregon and Alaska.  In Oregon he favors the Wilson, Trask and Kilchis for salmon and steelhead and in Alaska he owns a remote lodge that’s home to all five species of Pacific salmon, grayling, arctic char, rainbow trout and northern pike.  Dave’s another one of those guides that has “it” and seems to catch fish when no one else is.  He does it all, but bobber doggin’ is one of his strong suits…and if you’ve seen the videos you know this is true.


Together with fellow Addicted Fishing member, Nick Popov, you’ll enjoy a masterclass in bobber doggin’ for steelhead.  We’re only offering the one session with these two over the five days of the show so mark your calendars.  This should be as entertaining as it is informational!  This session is scheduled for noon on Sunday.