Jaime Rodriguez

Known around the Northwest as “J-Rod”, Jaime Rodriguez is one of the region’s most visible and active walleye tournament pro’s.  It’s been a few years since Jaime’s made the rounds sharing his expertise on walleye fishing at the Sportsmen’s Shows and we’re ecstatic he’s back with us in 2024!  J-Rod’s a genuinely good guy and his seminar, “Targeting Washington Walleye”, will cover where the best fishing is around the state, what gear to use and the tips and techniques you’ll need to be successful.  We couldn’t have selected a better representative and pro to cover this topic and we know you’ll welcome Jaime back by filling the room and soaking up his vast knowledge on Washington walleye fishing.  His seminar is slated for 2PM on Sunday in the Blue Theater.


Jaime will also be speaking at the Walleye Tank in the Centennial Building/Tent at 12:30PM on Sunday.  His seminar, “Bait Presentations For Walleye” will cover the gear, bait choices and techniques he uses to catch walleye in Washington.