John Aldrich

Bravo! Mfg. Inc.

John Aldrich is the founder and co-owner of Bravo! Mfg. Inc., home of the SuperGrade Wall Tent. With a passion for inventing, designing, and testing products in real-world conditions, John has incorporated a background of welding and metal fabrication into the construction of each Bravo! tent, resulting in durable wall tents that can withstand extreme weather conditions. He has spent a lifetime constantly improving  tents to get the best performance of every element of his designs from a simple seam to a complex window design. His goal is to make your hunting camp safe and comfortable, while meeting your individual needs. As a longtime resident of Washington state where he resides with his wife and children, John maintains a lifestyle as an avid outdoorsman, supporting many conservation groups, and encouraging families to get in the outdoors.