Roger Hinchcliff

Among serious steelheaders in the Midwest the name Roger Hinchcliff is legend.  Roger’s perfected techniques and tactics that work for steelhead everywhere! His seminar, “Advanced Worm & Jig Fishing Techniques For Steelhead”, is geared to serious steelheaders but is a perfect session for all skill levels interested in upping their steelhead game.  Interested in catching your first steelhead or adding to the hundreds you’ve already caught? Roger’s a master steelheader and he’ll be sharing riggings and details new to the Northwest.  Roger’s fishing resume is long and impressive and it’s a rare treat to have him to the show with this presentation.  One thing’s for sure, we’re glad he’s made the trip out to share his knowledge of steelheading with Washington Sportsmen’s Show audiences.  His seminar is scheduled for 4PM on Friday.