Eric Winther

Pikeminnow Program

There’s a bounty of fishing opportunity in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Literally! In 2023, the top 20 anglers participating in the northern pikeminnow bounty program earned between $17,790 to over $100,000! These fish hit like a freight train and have been targeted by this program to help the recovery of Columbia River Basin and Snake River salmon and steelhead stocks.

Eric Winther with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is truly an expert when it comes to this particular fish. His seminar will discuss the bounty program and how to make money catching these fish, the biology of these fish and how and where to catch them. Like Eric says, “Since finding them is the hardest part of catching them, how do I find them, why are they in certain areas at certain times etc.? They were here yesterday, but not today. What happened to them?” He’ll provide the detail you need to catch these fish consistently. We’re grateful to WDFW and Eric for lending their expertise in this seminar. There’s a lot to know and Eric will provide the information you need to be successful like why you don’t want to fish in water that’s running too fast (and what “too fast” is) and baits that are most effective. And that’s just for starters. Whether you’re looking for a side-hustle, some mad money or just want to have fun participating in this program, this is another Washington Sportsmen’s seminar you don’t want to miss.  His seminar is scheduled for Thursday at 1PM.