Brad Hole

Kayak Fishing Washington / Sportco

Brad Hole is one of the Northwest’s leading kayak anglers with an impressive resume of accomplishments and companies he represents. Brad’s spent the last 15 years perfecting his techniques and tactics for catching a variety of fish from a kayak.  Brad’s seminar, “Targeting Wild Cutthroat Trout on Lake Sammimish”, taps into his years and expertise guiding for these fish on this lake.   Learn the where, what, how and when in this information-packed session from one of the region’s very best.  Kayak angling continues to be the fastest growing segment in fishing across the Northwest and nationwide.  There are definite benefits gained in fishing from a kayak that no other approach delivers.  Brad’s been one of the central figures in the growth of kayak fishing in the Northwest and he’s definitely the guy to tap if you’re interested in getting started or improving your catch rate. His seminar is slated for Friday at 3PM.