Dozens of Reasons To Attend The Washington Sportsmen’s Show

Going to the Washington Sportsmen’s Show and wondering what may be waiting for you?  Here are some highlights to get you started. There’s a whole lot more but you’ll need to come down to the show to find out. See you there!


  1. Take a guided trip. Washington, Oregon, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, New Zealand, Africa and several other overseas destinations…fishing or hunting, big game or small, you name it and you’ll find it at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.
  2. Glass a trophy. Check out any one of several optics companies at the show.  You’ll find the latest in what’s new as well as experts to assist you.
  3. Head-N-Horns above the rest. If 2017 was the year you bagged a trophy deer, elk, moose, goat or other game, then bring the head-n-horns to the show, have them scored and see if you’re in line for a record or one of the great prizes.
  4. Buy some art. Nothing says, “I love the outdoors” quite like a painting, photograph, jewelry, carving or metal art from one of our artistically inclined exhibitors. There’s plenty here to look at, admire and buy.
  5. Shop the sales. There are literally thousands of items on sale at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show…deeply discounted sale items.  Boats, clothes, tackle, camping and cooking equipment, knives, rods and reels, RV’s, ATV’s, food items, jewelry, art, ammo and much, much more!
  6. Learn to cook. The camp cooking area is one of the best in the country.  With names like Scott Haugen, Roger Neufeldt, Bethy Rossos, Glenn Thornton, Milt Gudgell and Steve Fleming conducting daily seminars,
  7. Attend some seminars. There are hundreds of hours of trip-enhancing, technique oriented, how-to, where-to, what-to-do seminars planned for this year’s show. In fact, there’s more than 40 hours of seminars a day! Every seminar is presented by a leading expert and covers a broad palette of topics in northwest hunting and fishing.  For complete details on speakers, topics and times visit  All seminars are free with your admission into the show.
  8. Kokanee invasion. The first-ever kokanee tank will make its first appearance at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  The specially-built tank is temperature controlled and will support dozens of catchable-sized kokanee.  Kokanee have never been raised to this size in a hatchery setting.
  9. Happy hour specials. A fun new twist in this year’s shows, “happy hour specials”! Selected items by participating retailers will be on sale after 4PM, Wednesday through Saturday.  A “happy hour” menu featuring some of the specials will be available online prior to the show at
  10. See what’s new. Over a thousand new items will be featured at this year’s show.  Fishing tackle, apparel, optics, hunting gear, knives, vehicles, boats and more will be making their debut at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.
  11. Learn from the pro’s. Hundreds of fulltime outdoor professionals will be at this year’s Washington Sportsmen’s Show manning booths, giving seminars and making appearances at sponsor booths throughout the show.  You can learn volumes talking to these pros.  Take advantage of their time at the show and come armed with questions and learn.
  12. Dream big…plan your dream vacation. There’s no better place to plan your next big adventure. Whether you’re looking to stay in-state or travel, the Washington Sportsmen’s Show has the answers you’re looking for.  Big game hunts, marlin fishing, DIY Alaska trips, Idaho DIY trips (check out the Idaho Fish and Game Seminar), Christmas Island fly fishing, premium salmon and steelhead adventures, guided bass trips, bird hunting and much, much more.
  13. Buy a boat…or two. Most northwest anglers agree, one boat just doesn’t cover everything you’d like to do.  Having a small boat for those out-of-the-way places and a bigger boat for those other getaways you spend most of your time is par-for-the-course if you live here. Fortunately, you’ll find both at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show with a number of area’s top boat dealers showing off the best and brightest brands in northwest fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure boats.
  14. Tie a fly. The Washington Sportsmen’s Show is a great place to get started fly tying or to polish your already honed skills. With fly shops and fly tying seminars at the show you can connect with expert tyers who are happy to help and share their expertise.
  15. Support a cause. You can be part of the solution with wonderful organizations like CCA, Safari Club International, Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, The Fallen Outdoors, Pheasants Forever, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Heroes on the Water NW, National Wild Turkey Federation, Washington Waterfowl Association, Puget Sound Anglers, Mule Deer Foundation and several others.
  16. Fistful of Corkies is back! It’s free! Visit the Toyota booth, grab a handful of Corkies and if one (or more) of them has a Toyota logo on it you’ll leave with more than the Corkies in your hand. There are LOTS of great prizes that will be given away daily — don’t miss this!
  17. Share a snack. There’s no shortage of food at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  From the usual show-fare at the concessions to goodies you’ll find at various booths in the show, there’s no need to leave the show hungry…especially if you stop by the camp cooking demonstrations where samples are always shared with the audience!
  18. Join a club. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, CCA Washington, Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited, Evergreen Pack Goat Club, Family Hunting Club, Friends of the NRA, Got Your 6 Fishing, Mule Deer Foundation,  National Wild Turkey Federation, Outdoor for our Heroes, Pacific Northwest Gordon Setter Club, Pheasants Forever, Puget Sound Anglers, Puget Sound Springer Club, Puget Sound Retriever Club, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ruffed Grouse Society, Safari Club International, Seattle-Tacoma German Wirehair Pointer Club, Skookum Archery Club, The Fallen Outdoors, Traditional Bowhunters of Washington, Trout Unlimited, Upper Nisqually Sportsman Club, VFW, Washington Council Flyfishers International, Washington Outfitters and Guides Association, Washington Brittany Club, Washington State Muzzleloaders Association, Washington Waterfowl Association, Western Washington Walleye Club,
  19. Build a spinner. For the first 50 attendees to the Poulsen Cascade booth, it’s free to build your owner spinner! And if you’re not in that first 50 stop by anyway, Poulson Cascade has some great specials and retailers at the show can sell you spinner components to get you started.
  20. Embrace technology. Whether it’s for hunting or fishing, from a boat or from the bank, you’ll find the latest and greatest in outdoor technology at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show. Fish finders you can cast and GPS that will get you back to where you started, to the very latest in boating sonar, radar and navigation technology along with experts to answer your questions are looking forward to sharing what they know on what’s new.
  21. Go to Africa.  There’s a healthy list of Africa safari operators to talk to at the show including: Brian Suddaby Safaris, Dinkwe Safaris, East Cape Safaris, Hunt The Sun Safaris, Iliwa Safaris and Jimmy Van Zyl Hunting Safaris.  Make this the year you take that first step and open some doors to another continent!
  22. Learn to survive. Thanks to Brett Stoffel’s sage advice, several attendees of his classes have survived overcoming the odds and difficult conditions. From fire-starting to basic survival skills, Brett will get you pointed in the right direction with information that can save your life. A must-attend for every outdoorsperson. The classes are daily and free with admission to the show.
  23. Sausage making made easy. We’ll show you how! Although sausage-making is generally a reference to something that isn’t pretty, it is here under the capable tutelage of Roger Neufeldt with his class on “Beginning Sausage Making”.  And if you already know how it’s done then you’ll want to catch Roger’s “Advanced Sausage Making” seminar.
  24. Talk science. Be sure to stop by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife booth with our questions about fish, fishing, wildlife, hunting and where the best opportunities to enjoy all of it exist in Washington.  Idaho Fish and Game is also at the show — they have some ideas about deer and elk hunting they’re eager to share.
  25. Happy camper. Not into tent camping? There are lots of campers and RV’s to check-out that may be just your style.
  26. Accessorize your ride. Baxter Auto Parts, a perennial favorite of the Sportmen’s Shows, is back again with a booth filled with ideas, trinkets, toys and products for your 4×4.
  27. Butchering basics. The Washington Sportsmen’s Show is pleased and proud to have Scott Haugen back and sharing his wisdom and expertise in big game hunting and butchering.  TV show host, outdoor writer, author and a tremendously skilled outdoorsman, Scott’s an engaging educator who lives what he’s teaching.
  28. Head down to the river. The “indoor river” that is.  Thanks to Les Schwab we’re bringing the Indoor River back to the Washington Sportsmen’s Show along with some of the biggest and brightest names in N.W. fishing to share their insight and information on how to catch salmon, steelhead, trout and other species.
  29. Beauty is skin deep. Especially when you’re a taxidermist. Ridgerunner Taxidermy is at the show and can transform your hide into a work of art.
  30. Shake a rod. You’ll find all the major rod manufacturers at the show.  Be sure you take full advantage of the pros they have in their booths.  Guides, tournament pros and rod designers all available to help you…take advantage of it and understand the what and why of purpose-built rods for better fishing and catching.
  31. Throw me a line. There’s plenty of fishing line to buy or learn more about. Maxima has a booth, so does PLine and Tuff Line…to name a few.  You’ll find them all in retailers booth for sale!
  32. Better boating. Washington Parks and recreation will be there to discuss boating in Washington and boating safety.  Looking for some ideas? They may be one stop of many if you’re looking for new boating getaways in Washington.
  33. The call of the wild. Duck calls, elk bugles, scents and attractants for fish and game…they’re not hard to find if you just listen. Thankfully, you’ll have to look for the scents…we keep those bottled up.
  34. Go Ducks! If you duck hunt you won’t be disappointed. Duck calls, boats, waders, clothes, dog training, guns and ammo all available through experts.
  35. Alluring lures. All the top lure manufacturers make this show. Spoons, plugs, spinners, flashers, flies…you name it, it’s here.
  36. Get hooked up! Gamakatsu, Owner and Mustad will all be at the show in factory booths.. See what’s new and talk to them about new riggings and hook selection for whatever you like to chase.
  37. Go Dutch. Dutch ovens are a Washington Sportsmen’s Show staple! You’ll find them for sale and being used in the Camp Cooking area of the show.  Also, don’t miss Steve Fleming’s Dutch oven cooking seminars in the Camp Cooking area.
  38. Get safe. Need a gun safe? You’ll find what you need at the show.  There are plenty of companies to consider and names you know…make your best deal on a new safe at the show!
  39. Thumb through some pages. Your favorite outdoor publications are in attendance and looking forward to seeing you.  Stop by and say “hi”.
  40. Fillet-O-Fish. Charter captain, Milt Gudgell has filleted more tuna and salmon than he cares to admit.  He’ll show you how in his daily seminars at the Camp Cooking area.  Not only will Milt show you the art of filleting fish he’ll also show you how to best care for them after you catch them so you get the very best table fare out of the fish you take home.
  41. Meet the media. Magazine editors, TV show and radio hosts, bloggers…they’re all here and available to talk to you.
  42. Buy a tower! There are some companies that TOWER above the rest…like Barewest Towers and Who Dat Towers! Both are at the show with their unique fishing towers that fit a range of popular boat styles.
  43. Take the highway. The Alaska Marine Highway! This is a “must-do” for anyone who lives in the northwest. You can hop aboard in Bellingham and 38 hours later you’re in Ketchikan or fly to southeast Alaska and explore the cities and towns by ferry from there, either way, the Alaska Marine Highway is an incredible travel experience! They’re at the show and ready to answer your questions.
  44. That’s Skookum! Want to get started in archery? This is the place to do it! Stop by the Skookum Archers tent and their wonderful volunteer staff will get you pointed in the right direction! Kids and adults can learn from the experts and shoot while they’re at the show!
  45. Got Dogs? If you don’t we do! Lots of them! Dog training, seminars, dog clubs and dog-related booths to put a smile on any dog-lovers face. We love dogs and we know you do too, that’s why we celebrate them in a variety of ways at the show!
  46. These boots were made for walking? Danner, one of the legendary names in outdoor footwear, is at the show. If you haven’t owned a pair of these…now’s the time — they’re at the show and can get you sized and ready for action!