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Outdoor Survival Expert Brett Stoffel Returns to the 2018 Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show

Outdoor survival expert Brett Stoffel makes his second appearance this year at the 2018 Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show and Sport Fishing Boat Show®, presented by Federal Premium Ammunition and Bushnell. Stoffel brings new seminars and tips for outdoor survival training.

Stoffel’s seminars include:

  • Survival Basics – This introductory seminar is a mix of essential knowledge and practical skills for those in the outdoors to safeguard themselves in extreme environments. Survival Basics is an overview of what it takes to survive regardless of the situation, length of time, location or environmental conditions including water survival and how to prepare for water safety.
  • Survival Myths and Misconceptions – A must for anyone who spends time in the great outdoors, this seminar will explore and differentiate between fact and fiction when it comes to outdoor survival training.
  • What to do When You’re Lost – This seminar describes both strategy and tactics for being found when you’re lost. Learn about common behaviors and mistakes of lost people and methods of signaling distress.

A Pacific Northwest native, Stoffel graduated from the University of Washington with a double degree in Physics and Astronomy before graduating from Willamette Law School. He serves as vice president and general counsel for Emergency Response International. In addition to his extensive outdoor experience, he flew a B-52 as an Aircraft Commander and the B-2 as a Mission Commander and Instructor for the United States Air Force. He also managed the Combat Search and Rescue and SERE programs at the squadron and group levels.

Local Portland Metro Toyota dealers bring you America’s premier survival expert with daily seminars at the Portland Expo Center.