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Camp Chef is one of the proud sponsors of the Camp Cooking demonstrations
Franz is one of the proud sponsors of the Camp Cooking demonstrations
Smokehouse Products is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Camp Cooking demonstrations

Camp cooks share preparation, techniques and recipes for tasty, easy meals in the popular “Camp Cooking Demonstrations”

Outdoor enthusiasts of all stripes know that everything tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors.  The ever-popular camp cooking feature returns to Portland with some of the biggest and brightest names in outdoor cooking showing attendees their favorite recipes and tips for camp cooking success.   These demonstrations occur daily and are free with admission into the show. Special thanks to our sponsors from Smokehouse Products, Franz and Camp Chef in supporting this popular Sportsmen’s Show feature.

Roger Neufeldt is back demonstrating how-to make sausage.  Roger literally grew up learning the fine points of sausage-making through his parent’s butcher shop, and later, on his own as he honed his sausage-making skills through trial-and-error over more than 50 years.  Roger shares his expertise with three seminars. The first to get you started, a complete introduction to sausage making, the second, advanced sausage making that delves into more complex recipes and sausage-making techniques and the third, how to make pepperoni.

Glenn Thornton returns to share his recipes and wisdom for backyard barbequing.  Glenn represents Smokehouse Products and is a recognized expert having grown up in Texas where backyard barbequing was an essential skill. Glenn will be showing attendees his specialized techniques and tricks they need to know to barbeque prize-winning ribs, brisket and pulled pork.

Bethy Rossos a second year presenter, came to local prominence when she won Wanted II: Adventure Women and was awarded her own TV show on Comcast.  She followed that with a run on season 4 of Masterchef and participated in the Great American Seafood Cookoff as one of eleven chefs to be invited and compete.  We’re excited to have Bethy aboard and sharing her outdoor-friendly recipes.

Milt Gudgell is a seasoned charter captain who has caught and cleaned more salmon and tuna than he cares to admit.  Milt is as expert as you’ll find when it comes to the care and filleting of both of these fish species.  His care tips will extend the shelf life and improve the flavor and eating quality of your fish. He’ll be demonstrating how the pro’s make short work of big fish…fast and effectively.

Scott Haugen a seasoned (pun entirely intended) Sportsmen’s Show presenter, joins us for another year showing attendees how to butcher big game.  Scott hunts all over the world, he’s widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost big game hunting experts but his expertise doesn’t end with big game.  He’s an accomplished bird hunter, angler, celebrated writer, TV show host and educator.  The Sport Shows is pleased to have Scott back teaching hunters of all experience levels how to properly butcher their kill.

Steve Fleming joins the Camp Cooking Team for his first year of presenting at the Sport Shows.  Steve’s the real deal.  He’s worked as a fishing and hunting guide for nearly 30 years and is an accomplished camp cook. He’ll show attendees beginning Dutch over cooking, camp and boat cooking methods and how to care for and clean a Dutch oven as well as cook a number of sumptuous meals he’s tested on his world-class river trips. Steve’s prowess with a Dutch oven is something to behold and a must see.