FEBRUARY 16 – 20, 2022

Wed – Fri: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Portland Expo Center
Portland, OR


2022 Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show Attractions to be announced in November 2021.

68 Reasons To Attend The PACIFIC NORTHWEST Sportsmen’s Show®

The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is known in fishing and hunting circles as “the big one”. Entering its 46th year, it’s the
largest sport show in the United States, and largest consumer or trade show in the northwest. It’s big! This year, the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is joined by the Portland Boat Show, now entering its 61st year. Its two great shows on one ticket! Celebrate the
great outdoors and join us for 5 days of the biggest and best at the Portland Expo Center, March 24th-28th, 2021. This is by
no means a complete list but here are a few reasons to spend your time at the show…

Randy Newberg. Celebrated hunter and public lands and public access advocate, Randy Newberg, is joining us this year. We’re thrilled! He’ll be at the show and delivering a daily Q&A session on hunting elk on public lands. This is a special opportunity for local hunters to connect with one of the world’s best. Randy’s skilled, accessible, easy-to-talk-to and helpful.

VIP Show Experience. Some things only happen oncein- a-lifetime and this is likely one of them. The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, arguably the most popular sportsmen’s show in the country, won’t have the crowding that’s often experienced unless there’s waist-deep snow. Because of the timed-ticketing we have had to put in place to manage the entry of people into the show, this means you can spend the time you’d like talking and shopping the miles of aisles.

It’s a boat show too! Fishing boats, kayaks, surf and wakeboard boats, drift boats, pleasure boats and more will be at this year’s show. You’ll make your best boat deal here with the biggest and best names in the business all in one place. There are 20 dealers and manufacturers at this year’s show. Boats have been in short supply this year but you’ll find plenty at this year’s show!

Leupold. As the world’s preeminent hunting and outdoor optics manufacturer. We’re grateful for their support. Be sure to stop by their booth for a rundown on what’s new and any questions you may have on any of their scopes, binoculars or range finders. Leupold is also offering a $20 gift card for every $100 of product purchased at the show.

Plan your vacation. This show is the ideal opportunity to plan your 2021 or 2022 adventure. As we like to say, “Great adventures far and near start here.” From close-by guide trips for a variety of fish and wildlife species to more ambitious trips out of state or country, you’ll find hundreds of options to consider at the show!

Buy some art. Nothing says, “I love the outdoors” quite like a painting, metal art, sculptures, photography or some other form of art from one of our many artistically inclined exhibitors. Some of this year’s noteworthy exhibitors displaying their artwork include: Bartholet Wildlife Gallery, Creative Ironworks, Imaginations of the Wild, Jamie K. Morgan Photography, Studio Abachar, Leonard Locatis Wooden Paintings, Pudding River Wood Carving Studio and Treasure Investments Corp.

Shop the sales. There are literally thousands of items on sale at this year’s show…deeply discounted sale items. Boats, clothes, tackle, camping and cooking equipment, knives, rods and reels, RV’s, ATV’s, food items, jewelry, art and much, much more! One of the great benefits of this show is all the shopping you can do in one place. Not only will enjoy big savings on all kinds of products, but you can look into everything from storage buildings, recreational properties, guide trips, hunts, taxidermy and many other outdoor and outdoor-support categories and start your planning at the show…all in one place!

Meet Nick. Maybe one of the most traveled salmon and steelhead anglers on the planet, Nick Amato will be making a rare appearance at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. You’ll find him in the Amato Publications/STS booth.

Attend some seminars. Some of the top experts in hunting and fishing are aboard and ready to share what they know. Arguably, the best fishing and hunting seminar series of its kind in the country, this year touches on a variety of highly relevant topics with the detail and insight you need to put these expert’s advice into practice. This year’s speakers include: Randy Newberg, Jack Glass, Jody Smith, Bill Perkins, Ty Wyatt, Richy Harrod, Ed Iman, John Aldrich, Rich Bryan, Brian Dalles and several others.

See what’s new. Tired of the two-dimensional “virtual experience”? There are lots of new items to see, touch, experience and learn about at this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. No scrolling up and down a page or enlarging an image. The show is filled with new equipment, services and products you can experience directly.

Furniture to soothe the outdoor spirit. Looking to bring a little of the outdoors into your home? Pudding River Wood Carving Studio is here to help you. Prepared to be amazed because Jim Barton has some righteously cool stuff he’ll be selling at the show.

Good dog. Dog training, clubs and goodies for our furry friends are here in force. Frankly, there’s too many to list but if you wander the show you’ll find them all.

Beauty’s only skin deep. Truly…and Natural Instincts Taxidermy and Novak Outdoors will show you just how beautiful your fish, bird or game can really be. These taxidermists are as good as you’ll find anywhere.

The allure of lures. Angler Innovations, Beau Mac, Brad’s BS Fish Tales, Mack’s Lures, McOmie’s Custom Lures, Poulson Cascade, Pro Troll, Oregon Tackle Company, Rapala and others are there to answer your questions, show you what’s new and make sure you’re getting the most out of the gear you’re using. These are the pro’s pro’s and fishing is their life. Make a point of stopping by their booth to get the scoop on all things fishing and fishing tackle.

Lots of archery! There’s no shortage of archery and archery-related companies at this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. From broadheads and bows to apparel and experts, you’ll have several companies to shop and talk to.

Accessorize your boat. Several companies at the show can get you what you need to turn your boat into a complete fishing or hunting machine. Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor, Englund Marine, Barewest Wakeboard and Fish Towers, Fish On Sports and others are worth a stop and shop.

Support a cause. You can be part of the solution with wonderful organizations like: The Association of Northwest Steelheaders, Mule Deer Foundation and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. They’re all here (along with others) and worthy of your attention and support as they work to build a better future for hunters and anglers.

Razor sharp. You’ll gain a razor sharp edge with The Hunter Honer by America Delta Products. Swing by for a firsthand demonstration.

Hunting accessories. What makes a “sportsmen’s show a sportsmen’s show”? Hunting AND fishing equipment. And this show has lots of both including LOTS of hunting accessories and companies that specialize in hunting and gun accessories of all descriptions.

Cutting edge technology. There’s no shortage of premium knives at this year’s show. Cutco Cutlery, Goddard Knife Works, Mode One Knives, Texan Knives and Rockin’ H Cutlery are some of the many represented. We never know what our retailers will be bringing but it’s worth a look to see what they have too.

Float boats. Or more accurately, “non-motorized” boats. Dave Scadden, Clackacraft, Inflatable Boat Center, Koffler Boats, RB Boats and Recretec Mfg. are all at the show with the very best in non-motorized boats and accessories.

Join a club. Whether you’re looking to get started, network with like-minded enthusiasts or just honing your already proficient skills, there are dozens of clubs at the show that can help. From dogs and dog training to fishing and hunting, if you make the rounds, peruse the show guide and spend some time poking around, you’re bound to find just what you’re looking for.

To build a shelter. Looking for a storage shed, or maybe something a bit more ambitious like a storage building? Then you’ll definitely want to stop by the Web Steel Buildings and RMAC Pole Buildings booths to talk turkey… or in this case, construction and buildings. Both companies do some really impressive work and have deep portfolios they can share while you plan.

Find Fish. Electronics have become essential equipment for serious anglers everywhere. You’ll find all the major brands represented between the various retailers at the show including: Portland Marine Electronics, Englund Marine and Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor. We have anglers that travel from distant states just to purchase their electronics at the show.

Bicycling made easy. The show has two companies bringing ebikes! These are an exhilarating and effective new twist on bicycling with electric power that’s clean, quiet and powerful. Imagine running up the trails of your favorite river, biking into distant lakes or exploring the backcountry… you can with these! And, if you’re a drift boater looking to get to your rig you won’t have to wait for a shuttle with one of these in the back of your drift boat. Bakcou and Spencer Aircraft have very different products tailored to a variety of uses. Bakcou is designed by hunters for use in rugged backcountry settings while Spencer Aircraft has an innovative collapsible bike that’s easy to store and perfect for use as a shuttle for your drift boat, at the campground or around the neighborhood.

Head & Horns above the rest. Want to be impressed? Even if you don’t hunt you have to check these bodacious trophies out, they’re well worth seeing. If you do hunt you’ll be blown away by the size of some of the mounts. And if you have a set of horns, antlers or a head that you’d like measured and scored this is the place to bring it. We have folks certified to measure and score your trophy and if it’s a winner the prizes are incredible! It’s $10 to have your trophy measured and $30 if you want to enter the competition. Special thanks to Leupold, Fort Knox, RMEF, Gerber, Danner, Rage, Muzzy and Ruger, as the sponsors of this popular show feature.

Stay informed. Don’t miss the Amato Media booth, there’s some great subscription perks to titles like Salmon Trout Steelheader and they always bring hundreds of fishing and fishing-related books to buy, all at special show pricing! The Guide’s Forecast will also be at this year’s show. Not only will the Guide’s Forecast be on-hand to share their expertise on northwest fishing but they’ll be selling guide-certified gear too!

A recipe for success! BushCooking.com and Warpig Smokehouse will be sharing their favorite recipes…for free…along with amazing sauces and rubs. Bushcooking. com is considered the nation’s leading outdoor cooking website. Bushcooking.com is managed by Saffron Hodgson, an outdoor cooking expert and accomplished competitive cook. Warpig Smokehouse is the passion of Jason Bauer, also an accomplished and award-winning competitive outdoor cook. They’ll both be in the booth, handing out their recipes, selling sauces and rubs and sharing their secrets on better BBQ, grilling, Dutch oven and outdoor cooking.

Safe haven. All the major gun safe companies are at the show. Trusted names like Fort Knox, Northwest Armory, Northwest Safe Sales and Tracker are all there and on sale.

Go to Africa. That’s right Africa! These companies have traveled halfway around the world to meet you. You can book your dream safaris and/or hunts right at the show through several longtime, reliable and productive operations. If you’re shopping, thinking about it or just wondering what a trip like this runs, this is the perfect place to find out and get your plans started or cemented.

Get dressed up. Or dressed down, depending on how you look at things. There’s lots and lots of apparel for sale, far too much to list. Deep discounts, hard-to-find items and specialty gear you’ve been looking for…it’s here.

Get backcountry. There’s lots of ways to access the backcountry and ATV’s are one of them. There are ATV’s-aplenty at the show. Just take a seat on one and you’ll know you’re in for an adventure.

Alaska fishing. Are you ready for that much-awaited trip-of-a-lifetime? Some of Alaska’s top fishing destinations and operations make the trip to Portland to talk fishing at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Book a trip for this year or start your planning for 2022. From Trophy trout, salmon and steelhead to halibut and northern pike, some of the world’s best fishing and scenery is waiting to be experienced and this show is a great place to get it started.


Serious pulling and off-road power. Whether you’re towing a boat, pitching a tent on top of your vehicle or need real muscle for that fifth wheel, you’ll find the experts that know and the vehicles that can do it at the show. Longtime exhibitor Northside Ford brings their legion of trucks for you to shop.35. Shake a rod. You’ll find several rod manufacturers, as well as a number of custom builders at the show. If you’re in the market for a rod this is THE SHOW to attend. There are plenty more rods to check out at the retail booths too. You’ll find the season’s best prices, selection and expertise all in one place.


What’s your line? There’s plenty of fishing line to buy at the show but more importantly the MANUFACTURERS are all here too! We defy you to find another show anywhere with better fishing line representation than you’ll find at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.


Boat tops and more! No one can deny that you’ll enjoy your day out boating a little more if you’re out of the weather and under the comfort of a top. Haxton and Jason Parks Upholstery are in the house and will talk tops all day long!


The call of the wild. If you’ve spent any time at all around the sportsmen’s show then you’ve heard the chorus of calls in some of the halls. It’s one of our trademark identifiers. Elk calls, duck calls, scents and attractants for fish and game… they’re not hard to find if you listen. Thankfully, you’ll have to look for the scents…we keep those bottled up.


Find a gun. Gun manufacturers and custom gunsmiths, they’re at the show. From shotguns to rifles of all sizes and descriptions. Talk to the manufacturers and pros to see what’s new and get the most out of what you have.


Get Hooked up! Some very popular hook manufacturers are at the show and looking forward to meeting you. Gamakatsu, Mustad and Maruto to name a few venerable brands. Get the low down on the best hooks for the application and new ideas on old techniques.


Get Propped Up. Looking to buy a prop or have one fixed? Ampro and Sheffield Propeller are both longtime exhibitors and reliable resources when it comes to boat propellers.


RV’s for sale! Travel trailers have been in short supply but you’ll find plenty here!


Traeger. That one word just about says it all. Traeger will be displaying at this year’s show. Traeger grills have become the standard in backyard BBQing and smoking everywhere. Traeger will have table-top and porch grills for sale at the show ranging in price from $300-$1,200. Campers may want to check out the Scout and Tailgater, both will be on display at the show. Check them out!


Patio heaters. Get them while you can! Wood Pellet Products patio heaters have been wildly popular. They produce patio heaters that are sturdy, beautifully crafted heaters that will help keep you comfortable outside yearround. Some can be fitted with a griddle they build for flattop cooking.


Looking for land? If you’re in the market for some acreage, a ranch, farmland or fishing and hunting property be sure to talk to our friends at Land and Wildlife. You have questions and dreams, they have answers and choices.


Boat towers. Barewest and Fish On Sports will both be at this year’s show with their line-up of fishing and wakeboard towers and much more! Radar arches, custom fabrication, T-tops and storage solutions — between these two you’ll find exactly what you’re after.


Maps. You’ll never be lost when you take Rugged Maps or Big Sky Maps into the field. Maps for most states, nautical maps, national parks and wilderness areas. If you venture into the backcountry a GPS is useful but it’s always a good idea to have back-up. For 2021, Rugged Maps has some new technology to share…stop by both and chart a course to safety.


Truck Accessories. Looking to upgrade your truck for serious off-road use? If so, you’ll want to stop by All American Truck and SUV Center. And don’t miss Hard Notched Customs with their fully customized front bumpers.


Food. There are over 20 food companies at the show. Jerky, nuts, olive oil, beverages, wild game and sauces are some of the many categories waiting to be purchased. With over 300,000 square feet of display space at the show throwing in a few food companies, especially ones suited to outdoor enthusiasts is always in good taste.


A place to call home. Bravo Mfg., Bussard & Sons Custom Canvas, Canvas Cabins and Davis Tents will be showing their respective brands of wall tents. These tent-makers, produce serious outdoor domiciles for equally serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts looking to construct a sturdy, all-weather base camp. They’ll have tents on display and for sale at the show.


Ted Blocker. The finest in leather holsters and belts has a display at the show this year. Ted Blocker holsters are made in Oregon but sold worldwide! Regarded as the best in the business we’re very pleased they’re coming to the show to share their story and products.


Home is where the hunt is. Oregon plays host to some exceptional hunting opportunity. From upland game birds, elk, deer and exotics you’ll find some great choices at this year’s show and close to home! Blue Mountain Adventures, Four Aces Ranch, Hunt Oregon and Steens Wilderness Adventures will take you to the game you’re pursuing. Start your hunt at the show!


RMEF show trailer. The Great Elk Tour Trailer is coming to Portland thanks to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. This world-class exhibit features some record mounts, merchandise for sale and giveaway items.


Oregon fishing. No matter your skill level, it’s always a nice treat to have someone else do the work for a day. All you have to do is show-up with your license and leave the prep work and driving to someone else. Especially, when that “someone else” happens to be one of the top fishing guides in the region. You can’t miss with these great choices. Steve Leonard, of Steve’s Guided Adventures, Jack and Brandon Glass of Team Hook-Up, Jody Smith or Big Dave Manners are all leading names in Oregon fishing and you’ll enjoy a wonderful day of fishing and fun with any one of them. They’ll all be booking trips at the show. Bring your calendar and plan a day-off for yourself.


Charter some fun! Pacific Fin Charters (Westport, WA) and Pacific Salmon Charters (Illwaco, WA), Tradewind Charters (Depoe Bay, OR) and Windsong Charters (Neah Bay, WA) will both be booking trips for spring, summer and fall. Recent forecasts point to some pretty hot offshore fishing for salmon, halibut, bottom fish, tuna and sturgeon. Book early for what should be a blistering summer of fishing fun!


Do you have an EDGE? Would you like one? Edge Rods will be at this year’s show with some of the finest rods produced on planet earth. Designed by rod designer extraordinaire, Gary Loomis, expect to see an impressive line-up of gear, for sale, in their booth this year. Edge will also be bringing their rafting accessories and popular oars.


Make fire. Rogue Limited or Strike Master Survival Tools displays and check out their fire starters. And for all-weather tinder we have Fiber Light Fire Starters. With these tools you can get fire started and keep it going!


Out-of-state hunts. Lots of options at this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming are all represented. There may be others too, hunting them down is half the fun!


New Zealand. Arguably one of the most beautiful and productive hunting and fishing destinations on the planet. Interested in going? Be sure to talk to our friends at Kaweka Hunting Adventures (they also provide exceptional fishing adventures too).


We’ve got the boat brands. From heavy gauge welded aluminum and lighter gauge riveted and welded aluminum to inflatables and fiberglass the names you know will be at this year’s boat show including: Alumaweld, Weldcraft, Willie Boats, Smokercraft, Bayliner, SeaRay, Boston Whaler, Clackacraft, Cutwater, Antares, Lund, Crestliner, Custom Weld, American Made, Stabicraft, Starcraft, Axis, Malibu, Moomba, Nautique, Supra, Duckworth, Tige, ATX, D-Tech, Blackpoint Marine, RB Boats and many, many more!


Wiser Precision. New to this year’s show, Wiser Precision has a line of trekking poles that doubles as a mount for a gun rest, spotting scopes and cameras. Built-to-last but feather-light, Wiser offers this and an assortment of attachments. Give them a warm welcome by stopping and checking out their line of products.


Jody Smith. Not only is Jody one of Oregon’s busiest guides, he’s also one of our seminar speakers. Here’s your chance to book early and not miss an opportunity to fish or hunt the picturesque and storied Umpqua area. Jody truly does it all…salmon, steelhead, shad, smallmouth bass, surf perch, sturgeon, elk, deer and turkey — and he’s considered one of the West’s top talents for all of them. Any one of these is a bucket-list trip…he’ll be at the show all five days — bring your calendar and book a trip.


What are the optics? Leupold, Osprey, Tract Optics, Maven, Novagrade and Zeiss Sport Optics are all must-stop booths if you’re interested in optics like scopes, spotting scopes and binoculars. They’ll bring your hunting into focus. And if you’re looking to protect your scope from the elements then you’ll want to stop by the Northwest Scope Pro booth and check out their scope covers.


KM Resorts. RVing is bigger-than-ever which has made finding places to stay challenging for some. KM Resorts is a membership option that provides 8, gorgeous private campgrounds to enjoy in Washington State. From coastal properties to mountain and lake settings this is an option that’s well-worth checking out.


North Dakota fishing and hunting. New to this year’s show is Cold Water Outfitters. They are one of the few operations that offers hunts for Tundra Swan, along with other waterfowl and mule deer. They also offer very affordable all-inclusive fishing packages for smallmouth, northern pike and walleye. Book a trip for this year or start your planning for 2022.


Packs. In the market for a pack? Especially if you’re looking for the perfect pack for hunting, this is the place you’ll find it. There’s three great companies (maybe more) that will have packs for sale at the show. Bull Pacs, Nimrod Outdoors and Wilderness Pack Specialties are all here. These folks will help you carry the load…comfortably.


Spirits. Nothing like a sportsmen’s show to showcase new and innovative adult beverages. There’s a few, but just like the spirits, in moderation — we have just enough distillers to keep it interesting and fun.


Land and water surveys. Statewide Land Surveying does both and will have a booth at the show if you have questions or a project in mind. It’s well worth mentioning just in case this is on your to-do list and can check it off at the show along with a few dozen other items!