FEBRUARY 15 – 19, 2023

Wed – Fri: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Portland Expo Center
Portland, OR


A full list of the attractions coming to the 2022 Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show are below.

Public lands advocate and hunter Randy Newberg joins us Thursday to Sunday at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show.  He’ll be hosting daily Q&A sessions in the Hunting Theater. It’s your opportunity to meet Randy and have a conversation. Randy’s a genuinely good guy, wonderful to talk to and a wealth of information that he’s ready to share.

Born and Raised Outdoors takes center stage Wednesday and Friday evening in the Adventure Theater at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. They’re conducting a Q&A from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. These guys are the real deal and will be sharing stories, fun and dialogue about hunting public lands. Bring your questions and be prepared for a memorable evening connecting with Kody, Treavor, Trent and Steve.

Addicted Fishing’s Alaska movie, “The Kings Return”, premieres Thursday night from 7:00PM to 9:30PM at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show in the Adventure Theater. This is a full-on Addicted Fishing special event with the Addicted Crew at the show. It’s a first ever Addicted event at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show.  This is a ticketed event…seating is limited. These tickets are solely for the movie and not for admittance into the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Those tickets must be purchased separately. This is going to be one special evening of fun with the guys from Addicted Fishing!

Leif Steffny of NW Fishing Secrets is making his first appearance at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. NW Fishing Secrets is a wildly popular YouTube channel with about 100 videos showcasing catching and cooking a variety of NW fish and shellfish species. Leif will be hosting a Saturday night event in the Adventure Theater featuring a new video he’s debuting at the show! It’s an opportunity to meet and talk to Leif and have some fun connecting with him and other NW Fishing Secret fans. The evening event is first come, first serve. Seating’s limited and the event runs from 7PM to 9PM. 

The Bass Lake sponsored by Old Town is a first-ever feature for the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. It’s the only place in the west that you’ll find kayak anglers delivering seminars in their kayaks all day long on this little manmade pond that’s stocked with bass and panfish. Bass fishing from kayaks is the fastest growing category in fishing in the NW.  You’ll find the Bass Lake in “C” Hall.

Everyone wins with Toyota’s Fistful of Cheaters! It’s easy and it’s free. Just go to the Toyota booth, sign-up and get in line.  When it’s your turn take your turn at the tank filled with Beau Mac Cheaters. Whatever you’re able to capture you take home with you. And, if one of the Cheaters you grab happens to have a Toyota logo on it, you win a prize! The prizes are pretty awesome too! Stoves, headlamps, crab rings, folding utensils, sunglasses, fillet knives, dry bags, hammocks and much more!

With more than 10,000 entries since its inception in the mid-90’s, the Head and Horns Competition has logged hundreds of new records…yours’ could be the next! For $10 our certified measurers will measure your antlers, horns, head or turkey beard.  If you choose to enter it in the competition, that’s another $30.  The prizes are fantastic! Special thanks to our Head & Horns sponsors who have provided the prizes. They include: Leupold, Gerber, Danner, Fort Knox, Ruger, RMEF, Muzzy, Block Targets, LaCrosse, and Rage.

Want to get the most out of your fish finder? Then make sure you stop by the Garmin Tech Center to learn how. Top pros share their expertise in the use of fishing electronics including mapping, sidefinder technology and GPS use. Even if you’re proficient with your electronics this is always well worth the time to brush up on some of the basics as well as ask the questions you need answered so you’re getting everything you should be from your fishing electronics.

The Wall of Kings is one of the most impressive trophy displays to be found anywhere on the planet! It’s a collection of big game mounts that will amaze any deer or elk hunter.  It’s truly a collection of some incredibly impressive and beautiful animals.  And appropriately, you’ll find it close to the Head & Horns Competition.

Survival expert Brett Stoffel, sponsored by your local Toyota Dealers, is conducting daily seminars and he’s also at the Toyota booth the entire show.  His expertise has saved the lives of those that have attended his seminars.  Learn to make fire under the most difficult conditions. Learn survival basics and what you should always have with you or in your vehicle anytime you venture into the backcountry.

Friday is Elk Day! All the hunting seminars are focused on elk.  DIY hunts, public lands hunting, how to get started and best hunting practices and tactics. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been hunting elk your entire life, make Friday at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show your day to celebrate the great American sport of elk hunting.

Ammunition has been in short supply the past several years.  Not this year. The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show will have the largest supply of ammo for sale in the Northwest.  Bi-Mart and Grizzly Cartridge Company (and maybe others) will both be bringing ammo.  Bi-Mart will have ample supply of ammo in the following calibers: 243, 270, 300, 9mm, 22lr, 45lc, 5.56, 5.7, 223, 12GA, 308, 7.62×36, 45acp, 300blk, 40, 30-06, 7mm, 22wmr.  Grizzly Cartridge Company will be selling: 9MM 124gr JHP, 38 SPL. 125gr JHP, 357 MAG 158gr JHP, 44 MAG 240gr JHP, 45 Colt 225gr JHP, 45 AUTO 230gr JHP, 223 REM 60gr SP, 300 BLACKOUT 150gr SP, 308 WIN 180gr SP.