FEBRUARY 12 – 16, 2025

Wed – Fri: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm
Wed – Fri: 11am – 8pm
Saturday: 10am – 8pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm


The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show aka “The Big One”, enters its 49th year as the largest sport show west of the Mississippi, and largest consumer show in the northwest. It’s big! Celebrate everything outdoors and join us for 5 days of the biggest, brightest and best in fishing, hunting and outdoor recreation at the Portland Expo Center, February 14-18, 2024. This is by no means a complete list but here are a few very good reasons to spend your time at this year’s show…enjoy!

  1. Leupold. As the world’s preeminent hunting and outdoor optics manufacturer. We’re grateful for their support as the presenting sponsor of the Sportsmen’s Show series and, in this case, the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Be sure to stop by their booth for a rundown on what’s new and any questions you may have on any of their scopes, binoculars or range finders. Leupold is also offering show-only specials as well as stocking some hard-to-find products not commonly found at retailers.
  2. Steve Rinella. That’s right…the man from Meateater is going to join us for one day, Thursday, February 15th from 2PM to 4PM in the Sportsmen’s Adventure Theater. Registration is required and is limited to 750 people. Steve’s going to host a short talk and Q&A…it’s going to be fun!
  3. Randy Newberg. Celebrated hunter and public lands and public access advocate, Randy Newberg returns to the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. We’re thrilled! Randy returns with an entirely new seminar series just for the Sportsmen’s Shows. On Thursday it’s “Hunt Elk Every Year — Here’s How” at 1PM. Friday, Randy takes on marital bliss with his, “Marriage 101 For Elk Hunters” at noon. Saturday it’s “E-Scouting: Using Technology for Better Hunting” at 3PM. And Randy wraps up Sunday with his Q&A session at 1PM.
  4. Kids FREE Trout Pond. It’s become a generational feature of our shows. Kids that got their start trout fishing at this indoor pond are now grandparents and bringing their grandkids! Everything’s provided! Kids 12 and under can take up to two trout home. And this year, the Kids Free Trout Pond is loaded with fat frisky trout with several fish over 5 pounds! Parents bring your kids and let the fun begin!
  5. Evening Events. Three huge events this year! Seating for all three is limited. Addicted Fishing brings their Mega-BASH and movie premiere of Steelhead Alley to the Portland Expo Center Thursday night from 6PM-9PM. This is a ticketed event. Born and Raised Outdoors debuts their new movie, “Kodiak on Friday night. There’s a nominal $5 charge for this movie event. And Leupold’s VIP Movie Night is slated for Saturday night and gets going at 6PM. This is also a ticketed event with proceeds going to benefit RMEF.
  6. HUGE Fishing Kayak Sale! The largest fishing kayak sale in the United States is happening at this year’s show! If you’ve been thinking about a fishing kayak, or are in the market, this is the place to be! You’ll find Old Town, Hobie, Bonafie, Native, Pelican, Wilderness, NuCanoe and Perception factory booths at the show along with show-only specials galore! NRS will also be in this area with their top-of-the-line rafts. Don’t miss this!
  7. Fistful of Cheaters. Everyone wins with Toyota’s Fistful of Cheaters promotion! It’s easy and it’s free! Just go to the Toyota booth, check-in and get in line. Take your turn at the tank filled with Beau Mac Cheaters. All you have to do is grab a handful of Beau Mac Cheaters and drop them into the cup. Whatever Cheaters land in the cup you get to keep. And, if one of the Cheaters you keep happens to have a Toyota logo on it, you win an additional prize! The prizes are pretty awesome too! Full camp kitchen set-ups, rod and reel combos, headlamps, crab rings, sunglasses, dry bags, hammocks and much more!
  8. The Kayak Fishing Pond sponsored by Old Town. This all-new 30’ diameter indoor pond is the only place in the west you’ll find tournament-groomed kayak anglers delivering seminars and an opportunity to demo kayaks…so you can try before you buy! Kayak fishing is the fastest growing category in fishing nationwide and in the Northwest. You’ll find the Kayak Fishing Pond in “C” Hall.
  9. Ladies Day Out! This year marks the inaugural launch of this first-ever event for women-only. Friday (February 16th) afternoon from 2PM to 4PM emcee Candy Yow will be hosting this session along with several high profile lady hunters and anglers. These women will be sharing their stories and answering questions from the audience. For women that don’t hunt or fish, this is a great place to get started. And for those that do hunt and fish it’s an opportunity to connect, network and learn from top pro’s. This is an all-skill-level get together. Please, register…it’s free…on the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show Attractions page (www.TheSportShows.com) under the Ladies Day Out section.
  10. Wall of Kings. The Wall of Kings is one of the most impressive trophy displays to be found anywhere on the planet! It’s a collection of big game mounts that will amaze any deer or elk hunter. It’s truly a collection of some incredibly impressive and beautiful animals. And appropriately, you’ll find it close to the Head & Horns Competition in “E” Hall.
  11. Brett Stoffel. Survival expert Brett Stoffel, sponsored by your local Toyota Dealers, is conducting daily seminars and he’s also at the Toyota booth the entire show. His expertise has saved the lives of those that have attended his seminars. Learn to make fire under the most difficult conditions. Learn survival basics and what you should always have with you or in your vehicle anytime you venture into the backcountry.
  12. Meateater and their associated brands, Phelps Game Calls, First Lite, FHF Gear and DSD Decoys+Gear will all be together with a “surprise” appearance during the day Thursday by Steve Rinella. They’ll be bringing show-only specials to Portland…connect with the factory experts!
  13. 17 and under FREE! That’s right, bring the family!
  14. Plan your vacation. This show is the ideal opportunity to plan your 2024 or 2025 adventure. As we like to say, “Great adventures far and near start here.” From close-by guide trips for a variety of fish and wildlife species to more ambitious trips out of state or country, you’ll find lots of options to consider at the show!
  15. Warm and dry. The perfect combination when the weather takes a turn and you’re either on-the-water or back in the thick of it hunting. We have some fabulous outdoor apparel companies in this year’s show. There are several, so take your time (please) and shop them all.
  16. Troutapalooza! New this year is a one-hour session with steelhead and trout luminaries Bill Herzog and Jarod Higginbotham. Bring the kids! From the basic to some advanced trout catching tactics these two will plow through a lot of info in a short session. We’re also told there’s giveaways for whoever attends.
  17. Buy some art. Nothing says, “I love the outdoors” quite like a painting, metal art, sculptures, photography or some other form of art from one of our many artistically inclined exhibitors…there are several!
  18. Addicted Fishing. One of the more popular stops at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, you’ll find fish bonkers, nets, hats, stickers and apparel galore! The whole Addicted Crew along with plenty of their friends will be selling their latest merchandise, tackle and guide trips. They’re also presenting at several seminars and of course, this year, they’re hosting their Mega-BASH and movie premiere of Steelhead Alley.
  19. Shop the sales. There are well in excess of ten thousand items on sale at this year’s show…deeply discounted sale items! It’s the biggest and best sale of fishing and hunting gear in the U.S.! Boats, clothes, tackle, camping and cooking equipment, knives, rods and reels, optics, RV’s, footwear, ATV’s, food items, jewelry, art and much, much more! One of the great benefits of this show is all the shopping you can do in one place. Not only will you enjoy big savings on all kinds of products, but you can look into everything from storage buildings, recreational properties, guide trips, hunts, taxidermy and many other fishing and hunting product and service categories.
  20. Born and Raised. You can’t miss the amazing display of merchandise and hunting products in “D” Hall in the Born and Raised display. It’s a show within a show! Their booth is loaded with some of the most prominent names in hunting. Whether you hunt or not make BRO a stop to see some of the very best brands and products in outdoor recreation.
  21. Ammo Sale! Bi-Mart’s back with their huge ammo sale. Buy at the show and save. Popular calibers and loads.
  22. Attend some seminars. It’s the best seminar series in the country! Some of the top experts in hunting and fishing are aboard and ready to share what they know in our new and retooled seminar series for 2024. This year’s speakers include: Randy Newberg, Buzz Ramsey, Jack and Brandon Glass, Duane Inglin, Jarod Higginbotham, Randy Bonner, Steve Leonard, Cameron Black, Cody Herman, Jody Smith, Ashley Nichole Lewis, Pro Escobedo, Heather Aldrich, Shane Magnuson, Bill Herzog, Brett Stoffel, Richy Harrod, Jordan Knigge, Candy and Randy Yow, and several others.
  23. The allure of lures. All the major lure manufacturers and a lot of smaller, local, custom lure manufacturers are going to be at this year’s show. It’s a long list with thousands of show-only specials along with lots of new lure introductions planned. Be sure you pick up a show guide when you get to the building to find where everyone is.
  24. A mountain of sausages…from Hill Meat Co. Bring your appetite! We’re proud to feature Hill Meat Co., as the purveyor of our hot dogs and sausages at the Sportsmen’s Food Court. They’re an Oregon company and we’re excited to have them back to the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Their sausages are amazing! Nothing says “Sportsmen’s Show” quite like a Franz bun, a brat and a beer.
  25. Lots of archery! There’s no shortage of archery and archery-related companies at this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. From broadheads and bows to apparel and experts, you’ll have several companies to shop and talk to. Be sure to stop by Archer’s Afield and Archery World…you’ll find everything you need at these two stops and plenty more. And when you’re done shopping archery products be sure to stop by Sylvan Archers for some target practice.
  26. Hunting accessories. What makes a “sportsmen’s show a sportsmen’s show”? Hunting AND fishing equipment. And this show has plenty of both including LOTS of hunting accessories and companies that specialize in hunting and gun accessories of all descriptions.
  27. Cutting edge technology. There’s no shortage of premium knives at this year’s show. Whether you’re looking for knives for skinning, camp, fishing or home-use, it’s here! Even better, you can talk directly to the manufacturer.
  28. Head & Horns above the rest. Want to be impressed? Even if you don’t hunt you have to check these bodacious trophies out, they’re well worth seeing. If you do hunt you’ll be blown away by the size of some of the mounts. And if you have a set of horns, antlers or a head that you’d like measured and scored this is the place to bring it. We have folks certified to measure and score your trophy and if it’s a winner the prizes are incredible! It’s $20 to have your trophy measured and $30 if you want to enter the competition. Special thanks to Leupold, Fort Knox, RMEF, Gerber, Danner and Savage as the sponsors of this popular show feature.
  29. Fishing guides. You’ll find just about any trip you’re interested in taking at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, trout, bass, striper, surf perch…we’ve careful in who we select but Oregon and Washington are well-represented as well as other states too!
  30. Shoot an arrow. Sylvan Archers returns with their onsite shooting range. Bring the kids and teach them or take a turn of your own. It’s fun and a great place to get started.
  31. Pudding River. What’s this you ask? It’s the genius of Jim Barton and his wood carving studio. We’re so pleased to have Jim back to this year’s show. His work is amazing from carved panels you can use anyway you please to end tables, dining sets and coffee tables that are frankly incredible. Pudding River Wood Carving Studio is in the house and Jim will be carving away every day amidst his collection of stunning artwork.
  32. Safe haven. All the major gun safe companies are at the show. Trusted names like Fort Knox, Northwest Safe Sales, Tracker Safes and Northwest Safe Company are all there with show specials.
  33. Go to Africa. That’s right Africa! These companies have traveled halfway around the world to meet you. You can book your dream safaris and/or hunts right at the show through several longtime, reliable and productive operations. If you’re shopping, thinking about it or just wondering what a trip like this runs, this is the perfect place to find out and get your plans started or cemented. Get a copy of the show guide and you’ll find out who they are and where they’re located.
  34. Get dressed up. Or dressed down, depending on how you look at things. There’s lots and lots of apparel for sale, far too much to list. Deep discounts, hard-to-find items and specialty gear you’ve been looking for…it’s here.
  35. Get backcountry. There’s lots of ways to access the backcountry and ATV’s are one of them. There are ATV’s-a-plenty at the show. Just take a seat on one and you’ll know you’re in for an adventure.
  36. Alaska fishing. Are you ready for that much-awaited trip-of-a-lifetime? Some of Alaska’s top fishing destinations and operations make the trip to Portland to talk fishing at the Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Book a trip for this year or start your planning for 2024 and 2025. From Trophy trout, salmon and steelhead to halibut and northern pike, some of the world’s best fishing and scenery is waiting to be experienced and this show is a great place to get it started.
  37. Shake a rod. You’ll find several rod manufacturers (well over a dozen), as well as a number of custom builders at the show. If you’re in the market for a rod this is THE SHOW to attend. There are plenty more rods to check out at the retail booths too. You’ll find the season’s best prices, selection and expertise all in one place.
  38. The call of the wild. If you’ve spent any time at all around the sportsmen’s show then you’ve heard the chorus of calls in some of the halls. It’s one of our trademark identifiers. Elk calls, duck calls, scents and attractants for fish and game…they’re not hard to find if you listen. Thankfully, you’ll have to look for the scents…we keep those bottled up.
  39. Find a gun. Gun manufacturers and custom gunsmiths, they’re at the show, in fact, more than we’ve had in some time! From shotguns to rifles of all sizes and descriptions. Talk to the manufacturers and pros to see what’s new and get the most out of what you have. Check out: Curt’s Custom Guns, G4 Outdoors, Northwest Armory, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Sig Sauer…to name a few.
  40. Get Propped Up. Looking to buy a prop or have one fixed? Ampro and Sheffield Propeller are both longtime exhibitors and reliable resources when it comes to boat propellers. Get the most out of your boat…propping your boat properly is a good place to start.
  41. RV’s for sale! We got ‘em! Plenty! Overlanding too! Plenty! In the market for a travel trailer, camper, overland rig or overland upgrade? The Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show is a great stop if you’re shopping.
  42. A place to call home. Bravo Mfg., Davis Tents and Home In The Wild will be showing their respective brands of wall tents. These tent-makers, produce serious outdoor domiciles for equally serious hunters and outdoor enthusiasts looking to construct a sturdy, all-weather base camp. They’ll have tents on display and for sale at the show.
  43. Gold Diggers Wanted! The NW Mineral Prospectors will have your kids panning for gold just like the pros on Gold Rush! We’re thrilled to have them back and so will lots of kids.
  44. Out-of-state hunts. Lots of options at this year’s Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show. Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Montana and Utah are all represented. There may be others too, hunting them down is half the fun!
  45. New Zealand. Arguably one of the most beautiful and productive hunting and fishing destinations on the planet, we have THE expert for New Zealand at the show! Be sure to stop by and talk to Kaweka Hunting Adventures (they also provide exceptional fishing adventures too). They know New Zealand!
  46. We’ve got the boat brands. From heavy gauge welded aluminum and lighter gauge riveted and welded aluminum to inflatables and fiberglass the names you know will be at this year’s boat show. Boats have been in short supply but you’ll find plenty here.
  47. What are the optics? There’s plenty to choose from with all the major manufacturers represented with manufacturer booths and retail support so you can talk to the factory and buy at the show! Of course, our local favorite Leupold who’s also the presenting sponsor of the show has a sprawling booth with all their new models and tried-and-true products in-stock and for sale.
  48. In the market for a pack? There are several great companies and plenty of choices depending on what you’re looking for including fully waterproof options, hunting packs, day packs and others. The top manufacturers are in the show…track them down and you’ll be rewarded!
  49. Sportsmen’s Lounge. For adults-only take a break at the Sportsmen’s Lounge for a quenching Keystone, Modelo, Twisted Tea or White Claw.  It’s the pause that refreshes!
  50. Fishing and hunting deals. We may have said this in other ways, but it’s well-worth emphasizing that the very best fishing and hunting deals of the year are at this show.  Deep discounts, show-only buys and new products make this the retail event of the year!