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Survivor Training

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Noted survival expert focuses on “back to basics” survival tips in lively presentations at the Washington Sportsmen’s Show®

pk_horPeter Kummerfeldt is a man on a mission–to prepare outdoorsmen, day hikers or even stranded motorists to survive a night in the elements. He’s emphasizing a “back to basics” approach in daily seminars at the 2014 Washington Sportsmen’s Show®.

Returning to the show for his 19th year, his free presentations include “Procuring Wild Foods,” “Making Water Safe to Drink,” and “Wilderness Medicine.” They are made possible by the Western Washington Toyota Dealers.

The former Air Force Basic Survival School instructor focuses on the basics, rather than focusing on relatively low-percentage emergency incidents, such as snake bites or bear attacks.

Developed due to popular demand, his “Procuring Wild Foods” covers the availability of edible plants such as greens, mushrooms and berries as a temporary measure. Noting that it is “impossible to live off the land unless you are very lucky,” he underscores the greater importance of keeping oneself alive as opposed to trying to snare a bunny or gather berries.

In “Making Water Safe to Drink,” he reviews the advantages and disadvantages of different water systems, including the reasons to switch from iodine tablets to the much more effective chlorine dioxide tablets.

His third seminar, “Wilderness Medicine,” emphasizes “When bad things happen, people get hurt.”

As a result, Peter encourages people to take basic medical training, including CPR to be prepared, noting: “Survival skills are really moot if you can’t stop the blood spurting out of your arm!”

Preparation can make the difference between spending an inconvenient night outdoors versus enduring a life-threatening experience.”