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Camp Cooking

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Camp cooks share recipes and tips for tasty, easy meals in the “Fred Meyer Camp Cooking Tent”


Fred Meyer and the 2013 Washington Sportsmen’s Show®  team up again to create the ultimate camp cooking experience at the  “Fred Meyer Camp Cooking Tent” with colorful personalities sharing tasty recipes.  It’s a free attraction at the 26th annual event.

The taste-tempting camp cooking demonstrations are back at the “Fred Meyer Camp Cooking Tent” as the show’s celebrity camp cooks share flavorsome recipes for easy-to-prepare meals.  Camp Chef and Franz support the fun as the popular trio of  Herb Good, Tiffany Haugen and Dutch oven guru “Cee Dub” Welch prepare recipes—and share appetizing samples—in hourly presentations all five days of the show.

For a complete schedule of presentations, visit the show’s website at www.thesportshows.com


Here’s a sampling:


Tiffany Haugen

“Plank Cooking” and “Cooking Fish & Game”

With ten fish and game cookbooks to her credit (“Cooking Game Birds” is the latest), the undisputed diva of outdoor cookery brings a camp stove full of new, easy-to-make recipes to the Camp Cooking Tent. When demonstrating “Plank Cooking,” Haugen explains the method’s benefits include keeping the food moist and serving as a natural deodorizer to fishy odors. She’ll tease taste buds with simple but elegant, plank-baked recipes such as chocolate with bananas and walnuts, and tasty cheese bread.

During the “Cooking Fish and Game” demonstration, Haugen will provide hunters and anglers with “need-to-know” preparation tips. As usual, she will also introduce camp-friendly cooking suggestions such as using vacuum sealed game and dropping it in boiling water for an instant meal. She also promises to give an overview of how to smoke jerky and easy-to-prepare soups and stews.


Herb Good

“Outdoor Cooking: Quick & Easy,” Salmon: Filleting, Grilling, Canning and Smoking”

As usual, camp cook extraordinaire Herb Good will inspire sportsmen to circle the wagons around the “Fred Meyer Camp Cooking Tent” to experience his common sense cookery. The self-described “third-grade educated” camp master holds audiences spellbound with simple and clever cooking tips—not to mention tasty samples after each presentation!

“My goal with “Outdoor Cooking’ is to help people improvise when they forget something, such as how to make salad dressing or frosting for maple bars,” says Good. “When we demonstrate ‘Salmon Cooking,’ I’m all about simple recipes that are fun and easy to prepare.”

Good’s ultimate goal: “To show how cooking can bring family and friends together.”


“Cee Dub” (C.W. “Butch” Welch) 

No one has ever left one of Cee Dub’s camps hungry!

The popular Dutch oven guru, author and television host takes the mystery out of one-pot cooking with his easy-to-follow demonstrations and delicious results. His goal is to show people how to use a Dutch oven so they will feel confident to try some simple recipes. He also incorporates simple ingredients that most any cook can find at a small town grocery store.

Cee Dub’s stories and recipes come from his years in the back country, both in the line of duty (as a former Conservation Officer for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game) as well as in the “line of fun”!