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Indoor Steelhead River

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The Return of the World’s Only Indoor Steelhead River at the 2014 Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show!

See how fish react to various fishing techniques when experts cast their lines into the realistic drifts and tail-outs in the world’s only indoor Steelhead River, presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods, at the 39th annual Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show®, Wednesday, February 5 through Sunday, February 9 at the Portland Expo Center.

This man-made river closely replicates real river conditions, giving Sportsmen’s Show audiences hours of exciting and informative angling action. Top northwest guides and pro staff reps from several Northwest manufacturers will share tips for going after these fighting fish in natural conditions.

Expert anglers from around the northwest will showcase the latest tools and techniques as they don their waders for hourly on-the-water presentations. This includes Scott Haugen’s “Three Ways to Fish a Steelhead Hole;” Cody Herman’s “Finding Fish in all Water Conditions;” Buzz Ramsey’s “Spring Chinook Tactics;” Jack and Brandon Glass’ “Advanced Bobber Fishing for Steelhead;” and others. For a complete schedule, visit www.thesportshows.com.

“The Steelhead River is just about as close to real outdoor fishing as you can get indoors,” says show manager Bill O’Loughlin. “It’s great because the audience can see everything, including the movement of the water and how the fish react to the lures. Sometimes a hooked fish even lands in the lap of an audience member!”

The 50-foot-long water feature simulates a natural river, with pools, rocks, stumps, riverbank and obstacles that force the two-foot-deep, clear current to flow in a realistic manner.