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Below is the seminar schedule for Wednesday, February 5.  Please click on a day above to view the seminar schedule for that day. Please check back often for the most up to date schedule.


Wednesday, February 5

Fly Casting Pond 
12:00 PM Jim Teeny Basic Fundamentals of Casting
2:00 PM Scott Cook – Fly & Field Outfitters Casting for Distance
4:00 PM Arnie Gidlow Using Your Rod More Effectively
6:00 PM Scott Cook – Fly & Field Outfitters Casting for Distance
Fly Tying 
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12:30 PM Marc Williamson Central Oregon Stream & Lake Flies
1:30 PM Denny Rickards New Improved Stillwater Patterns
2:30 PM Jim Teeny Variations of the Teeny Nymph
3:30 PM Norm Norlander Tying “Dry Flies” with a Rotary Vise
4:30 PM Kelly Laatsch Fly Tying with Foam
5:30 PM Arnie Gidlow Adding Living Characteristics
6:30 PM Dave Merrick – Fly & Field Outfitters Steelhead Tube Flies
Fly Fishing Theater
12:00 PM Scott Cook – Fly & Field Outfitters Fly Fishing Trophy Trout in Central Oregon
1:00 PM Kelly Laatsch Upper Columbia River BC, – Big River/Big Fish
2:00 PM Arnie Gidlow Flyfishing Spring Creeks & Tailwaters
3:00 PM Rob Crandall Swung Fly Steelhead, the Missing Pieces
4:00 PM Denny Rickards Stillwater Presentations
5:00 PM Jim Teeny How to Fly Fish for Salmon
6:00 PM Marc Williamson Fly Angling Tactics:  How to Read & Fish Water
7:00 PM Michael Rischer Basic Kayak Fishing
Blue Theater 
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12:00 PM Loren Dunbar- Hevi Beads Basic Bead Fishing
1:00 PM Del Stephens Working the Iron for Tuna
2:00 PM Ed Iman Northwest Walleye Secrets
3:00 PM Steve Leonard Spring Chinook Techniques for Columbia River & Tributaries
4:00 PM Gary Loomis Want to Catch More Fish  – Today’s CCA Developments
5:00 PM Gary Miralles Downrigger Trolling Tactics for Kokanee, Trout and Salmon
6:00 PM Eric Linde Columbia River Spring Chinook Tips & Tactics
7:00 PM Jeremy Jahn – Kokaneekid Fishing Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Kokanee Game
Green Theater
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11:30 AM John Brody Predators: Set-Up & Sight Selection
12:30 PM Peter Kummerfeldt Wilderness Medicine
1:30 PM Scott Haugen Field Dressing & Skinning Big Game
2:30 PM Brian Langley – Point Blank Calls Elk Calling: How and When to Use Your Calls
3:30 PM Gary Lewis Hog Hunting: Bring Home the Bacon
4:30 PM R J Marquart Your Dogs First Hunting Season: Do’s & Don’ts
5:30 PM Peter Kummerfeldt Making Water Safe to Drink
6:30 PM Dan Kloer Calling Elk for Archery & Rifle Season
7:30 PM Ed Shelby Baiting Blacktails
Warm Water Seminar Series and Demo Tank 
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12:00 PM Jack Glass Columbia & Willamette River Smallies
1:00 PM Chris Ferry Smallmouth Tactics
2:00 PM Johnnie Candle Artificial Lures for Walleye
3:00 PM Jacob Wall – Univeristy of Oregon Intro to Fishing Swimbaits
4:00 PM Cody Herman Matching the Right Lure to Structure
5:00 PM Michael Gibney Jerkbaits for Bass
6:00 PM Ryan Sparks – Oregon State University Dropshotting & Jig Fishing
Steelhead River 
12:00 PM Cody Herman Finding Fish in All River Conditions
1:00 PM Steve Leonard Float Fishing Techniques Steelhead
2:00 PM Trevor Storlie Advanced Side Drifting Techniques
3:00 PM Jack & Brandon Glass Advanced Bobber Fishing for Winter Steelhead
4:00 PM Jim Teeny Reading Water and Presentation
5:00 PM Cody Herman Understanding River Hydraulics & Fish Behavior
6:00 PM Rob Crandall Winter and Summer Steelhead: Fine Tuning Fly Fishing Techniques
7:00 PM Scott Haugen & Mike Perusse 3 Ways to Fish a Steelhead Hole
Lowrance Learning Center
2:00 – 3:30 PM Jeff Boyer/Jack Findleton Finding Fish with Today’s Features
5:00 – 6:30 PM Jeff Boyer/Jack Findleton Finding Fish with Today’s Features
Bait Rigging 
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12:30 PM Terry Bennett Downriggers Made Easy
1:30 PM Brandon Glass Tuna Tactics Swim Baits and Iron
2:30 PM Eric Linde Spring Salmon with Eric Linde
3:30 PM Dockside Charters Fish On the Rocks: Bottom Fish & Halibut
4:30 PM Pat Abel Pautzke’s Bait Lab
5:30 PM Kyle Neeser Trout and Kokanee Trolling Techniques
6:30 PM Jody Mathers Buoy 10 Tide Time and Tackle
7:30 PM Pacific Salmon Charters Tuna Live Bait & Trolling
Camp Cooking 
12:00 PM Cee Dub Dutch Oven: Quick & Simple Main Dishes
1:00 PM Tiffany Haugen Wild Game Cooking Tips
2:00 PM Herb Good Salmon: Filleting, Grilling, Canning & Smoking
3:00 PM Cee Dub Dutch Oven: Getting Started
4:00 PM Scott and Tiffany Haugen Butchering & Cooking Big Game
5:00 PM Herb Good Salmon: Filleting, Grilling, Canning & Smoking
6:00 PM Cee Dub Dutch Oven: Breads & Desserts
7:00 PM Tiffany Haugen Camp Pizza
Horse and Mule Packing
2:00 PM Steen’s Wilderness Horse/Mule Packing
4:00 PM Steen’s Wilderness Horse/Mule Packing


*Seminar schedule is subject to change without notice.  Changes in the schedule will not result in a refund at the show. An updated list will be available at show time.